About CapabilityThinking

A capability is the ability of people and assets to achieve a result or outcome. Capability thinking is resilient, technology-free, and stimulates thinking out of the box. Organizations have core capabilities such as R&D; change, support, operations, and project capability. Project capability is essential in a sense that it can support unique efforts of the organization, such as R&D projects, change initiatives, maintenance and customer delivery projects.


Project capability can be broken down in:


(1) Strategic project capability

(2) Tactical project capability

(3) Operational project capability.


Strategic project capability is the ability to define, select, prioritize, and authorize the right projects given the situation and needs of the organization. Tactical project capability involves the ability to sequence, initiate and oversee the active project portfolio to achieve maximum and timely project benefits, given the assigned strategic resources.


Operational project capability is the ability to run a project effectively and efficiently on a day to day basis. This implies achieving the expected results with minimum effort, lead time, and waste while maximizing the anticipated benefits.


Project capability resembles the elements of a tree, with the nurturing roots representing strategic capability, finding and feeding the organization with the right projects and resources. The supporting trunk lifts and crown towards the light away from the bushes, in a similar fashion, the tactical level supports the active project portfolio by providing a framework, distribute resources and address structural problems that affect all projects.


The crown with its main branches, side branches and leaves represent the projects, teams and the people that do the work on the shop floor. Note that all elements of three work together, one cannot work optimal without the support of the others.




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