Business Case

Writing Effective Business Cases

The Business Case

The Business Case is the foundation for any project and is a top-level document that states the need, cost and benefits for all stakeholders involved. The business case is also a sanity check, as the project progresses through all the phases and stages, a conscious test must be done to verify that the project still worth the effort. Without a valid business case, the project must at least be put on hold or closed down. Also, the business case provides the primary input for the benefits realization plan.


Course content

The one-day course covers techniques, models, and artifacts to create a realistic business case and scope statement document that is supported by the organization. Particular attention is paid to documenting the uncertainty aspects like pre-conditions and assumptions that are made along the run.

The following is a sampling of questions and skills that the course addresses:


  • How to transform strategy into actionable projects
  • Determining the strategic alignment of a project
  • How to create a project proposal including a scope statement and a business case
  • Tracking uncertain elements
  • Strategic resource assignment
  • Estimation techniques
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Definition of the result regarding deliverables and capabilities
  • Setting up cost and funding budgets
  • Benefits realization planning techniques
  • How to set up strategic decision criteria for decision gates
  • Financial indicators
  • How to evaluate project performance


Course participation

This interactive one-day course is designed for anyone engaged in a strategic, Project Management Office, Steering Committee, program, portfolio or other project governance related role. No previous knowledge is assumed. The goal is to teach practical models, methods, and skills designed to help you and your team to define and select the best possible projects for your organization and documenting the reasons why. All topics are also covered in a comprehensive study book, included in the course.




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