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Quick and dirty project management course

In knowledge type organizations, projects have become the dominating work form. Typically around 80 % of the people in IT work on projects. But maybe except the project manager, few team members receive any project training. Another trend is that the team members regularly make decisions that affect time and budget without the involvement of the project manager, due to a high rate of change, technical complexity, and timezone differences. In short: the team must take more responsibility for project control, and this requires project knowledge and skills.


Course content

This one-day project capability course will teach you the basic concepts, practical skills, and techniques that form a baseline package that will cover most of your project needs. Pretty much like a backpack that contains essential items that will come in handy during any hiking trip. The course handbook provides valuable tips and tricks enabling you to avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls that other people learned the hard way. The theory is kept to a minimum, and the course is based on games and practical assignments that will teach you in a fun way how to:


  • Create a scope statement and a business case for your project
  • Achieve maximum synergy between people
  • Map the project landscape including its stakeholders
  • Define the project result
  • Make an activity plan
  • Take control of the project economy
  • Manage uncertainty.


Course participation

The course is intended for any person participating in a project, irrespective of your role. No previous knowledge is assumed or necessary. The course is especially recommended to project teams that are in the startup or planning stage, as there is a high focus on team synergy and managing uncertainty.




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