Project capability framework

Projects are about creating beneficial change within predefined limits. This makes project a stage where several scientific areas and management disciplines meet, effectively creating a multidimensional force field. Neglecting any dimension or one of its elements could result in cost overruns, delays and ultimately failure.


The first project dimension is about control versus creation. The project team creates unique results within constraints like time and money. The second dimension is about people versus methods. Projects are not mainly about technology; people run projects for other people. This statement implies that you will need both ‘hard’ planning techniques such as estimation and scheduling, but also 'soft' people’s skills to create synergy within the project team.


The third dimension is about the strategy versus operations. Projects are the vehicles of change enabling organizations to realize their vision, through the implementation of a carefully chosen strategy. The strategists at the top must connect with the people on the shop floor. The first step is to create a common understanding of what must be achieved and why.


HYVES is a next-generation project framework based on capability thinking that goes beyond PMI, PRINCE and agile. The capability approach integrates various management disciplines such as risk-, change-, program-, portfolio-, and quality management into a single method.


The framework is designed to implement project capability at the strategic, tactical and operational level of the organization. It provides an integrated approach to all project dimensions such as people, control, technology, and strategy. Most importantly, HYVES offers practical techniques to manage project uncertainty, rather than merely addressing risk.