Capability Thinking

Capability thinking is one of the primary schools of thought apace with the process- and systems-thinking approaches. Its main management application is business transformation, improve organizational performance, and to enhance thinking-out-of the-box.


Effective and efficient project capability is of crucial importance for the success of a busisness or organization. Projects as a work form can support all other activities of the organization, such as R&D, change, support operations, and customer delivery.

HYVES is a next-generation project framework. It is designed and create project capability at the strategic, tactical, and operational level in your business or organization. The structure differs from PMBOK from PMI, Prince2, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE), and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) in several ways:

1. The framework based on capability thinking rather than process or empirical

2. Is characterized by an integrated approach at the strategic, tactical and operational level

3. Integrates the ‘hard’ technical and the ‘soft’ human side of projects into a single comprehensive approach

4. Promotes the synthesis of management disciplines such as change, quality, and risk management.


Enterprise project capability



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