Project capability framework

A project concists of a temporary team tasked to create a unique result that generates beneficial changes in the parent organization, where the effort is subject to predefined constraints such as time and cost. The popularity of projects as a work form is on the rise, specifically in knowledge type organizations around 80% of the workforce is engaged in projects.


Projects are also a challenging work form where multiple management and scientific disciplines meet, this results in a multidimensional force field where elements related to strategy, control, creation, people, methods and operations compete for focus, attention and skill. An old Dutch saying says: 'A colander will not float until you have plugged the very last hole.' This principle applies to projects as well, neglecting any of these dimensions or elements can potentially result in setbacks.


HYVES is a next generation project approach based on capability thinking. The framework helps to design and implement effective and efficient project capability at the strategic, tactical and operational level in the organization. Capability thinking is an alternative to existing empirical, systems thinking, or process based methods like Agile, PMI and PRINCE2, and integrates various management disciplines, science areas, and project dimensions into a single practice.


On this website, you will find information about the HYVES philosophy, approach, courses, and books.




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